reservoir process in rawa kadut camp, way kambas

April 24-30: The reservoir

The dry season is inching closer, meaning that the annual fire will eventually come to this park, just like the previous years. Therefore, to protect our park, this week we started to build a reservoir for water provision in fighting the Red Flower.

The reservoir is planned to be as long as 15 meters with 2 meters width and 1 meter of depth. The size is indeed not as large as reservoir in general, more like a pond in fact. We started by scheming the location of the reservoir, which then decided to be in the front of Rawa Kadut camp. Four of Auriga’s team then started digging the soul. However, our activity this week was rather obscured by the rain.

The reservoir is also anticipated for watering our plants in Rawa Kadut. It is by experience that the lack of water can leave us with dried or even dead trees.

We hope this project will finish as soon as possible.



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