permanent trees in Auriga's rawa kadut  reforestation

May 2-8: A new hope

This week we found out that our successor plants has started to show its color. Green and healthy as a newborn. In Rawa Kadut, most of our permanent trees are blooming and it is expected to bring impacts to land cover in Way Kambas in the next two or three years, which means the land would be covered with greenness. The term is under one condition for sure: Our prediction is applied as long as there is no fire in Rawa Kadut.

One of our permanent trees

Our plants such as grew healthily up to noticeable size. A few centimeters up from the ground or ranging from 50 to 150 centimeters. Thousands has shown similar progress. However, we also discovered some of damaged trees caused by wildlife during monitoring process. Our guess is that one or two deers had eaten them.

Nevertheless, most of our plants in Rawa Kadut are indeed potential animal feed. Moreover, speaking of our initial purpose of reforestation, this condition is a small hint of plausible natural forest life.

One example our damaged plant, allegedly caused by deer

In addition, the maintenance of firebreaks kept going. As our previous commitment, this is important as to welcome the upcoming summer and likely annual fire.

Firebreaks maintenance

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