March 20-30, 2016: A new green arsenal

An estimate of a thousand seedlings was planted from 20 March to 30 March as part of our reforestation effort in Way Kambas National Park. The amount added to the existent 32.000 trees in the land of 60 hectares as part of our reforestation area in Rawa Kadut Section, which counts for 100 hectares.  Similar to the previous crops, we went back to planting  puspa (Schima Wallichii), jambon (Euginia Sp.), and tiga urat (Cinamommum burmanii).

One of permanent trees. The seedlings planted with the distant of 3x3 meters).

One of permanent trees. The seedlings planted with the distant of 3×3 meters).

The routine kicked off at 8 o’clock in the morning when we started to sow the seedlings. The morning activity would end by 10 o’clock and we would continue in the afternoon from 3 to five p.m.. Those times are the best in planting seedlings. In the meantime, we would usually rest, have our lunch and take a brief nap. Other activities would be taking care of and monitoring the existent trees.

In one day, we could cultivate as many as 400 trees in average. Among the seedlings, there would be several we call “permanent tree” to be put on our intensive care. For example, of five seedlings there will be one subjected trees. In the process, the subjected trees will be taken care of until it grow fully. The rest will also be taken care of, but with not as much as received by the subjected trees. The current total of permanent tree in Kadut Section amounted to 6.400 trees, are expected to be the capital of land cover in the national park.





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