As most remaining forests in Indonesia, Way Kambas National Park is also not immune to fires. Every year, the park suffers from conflagration and hazardously causes haze that affects local community living near the conservation area. The domination of reeds population at the park–which is very easy to inflame–is the main issue. Yet, often some irresponsible people who ignite the wildfire.


Remnants of fire in Auriga’s reforesation area, Way Kambas, Lampung Province

As part of its commitment to create balanced environment for natural biodiversity and to serve human kind a worthy life quality, Auriga has been actively participating in fire control and monitoring at the park especially in Rawa Kadut surroundings.  It is in line with our program, since Auriga’s team reforestation base-camp and reforestation area are located at the place. We have to protect the future forest we are building now. However, in particular times the fire is too big we cannot put it off. It is inevitable. For this reason, we lost a thousand trees we planted in the first year in 2015′s fire disaster.



Fire watchtower in Way Kambas’s Rawa Kadut Reforestation Area

Besides reforestation activities, our daily routine is to monitor whenever fire takes place since 2014. In extinguishing big fires we usually use water from wells near our camp. However, the lack of fire extinguishers force us to only use fireproofed branches to put off minor fires.


One of Auriga’s member tried to put off the fire in Rawa Kadut, Way Kambas National Park, Lampung Province

Last year was one of the biggest and most dangerous forest and peat land fires in Indonesia. During the month of fire, we worked closely with Team SPTN II Bungur (Way Kambas’ special force of fire extinguisher) as well as with local communities.

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