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The view of Kadut section in Way Kambas National Park

The fire begins

Tohari, Joni and I were our way to Kadut’s planting area that morning when a big smoke appeared in the blue sky from eastern direction. Being unequipped with fire extinguishers, we (Tohari, Joni and I) instantly rushed to collect dozens of tree branches as replacement of firefighting equipment. Driving on our motorcycles, we arrived at the fire location  and immediately put down the fire that has started to inflame any nearest vegetation. In a few hours, we managed to extinguish the fire, but unfortunately 10 hectares of green area has gone.


Minor smoke seen from our sight

Nevertheless, the fire that day did not get in our way to do our earlier work. After crosschecking that there was no fire anymore, we drove back to planting area where we would plant another trees for our restoration program.