Monthly Archives: April 2016

This picture was taken in 2015 before the fire attacks.

April 17-23: A quick update

The ongoing maintenance is still in place, with most of reeds and grass have been cleared away from our permanent trees. The same thing applies to trench digging around trees. So far, we have dug dozens and we expect to make many more, in line with the amount of permanent trees planted in Rawa Kadut.

Two of Auriga's team were clearing the reeds in Way Kambas's Rawa Kadut Reforestation Area

April 10-16, 2016: Clearing the reeds

From this week, we wouldn’t plant trees for a while. Instead, we would be focusing on clearing reeds and grass around permanent trees to maximize their growth as well as making sure that they have enough firebreaks in order to prevent them from blaze up to the stalks.

So, for the whole week, we were busy digging trenches encircling each trees. The diameter for each trench is around five meter. Reeds and grass, which are the main disturbance to our plants development were also being wiped off from the restoration area.

Both activities will be carried out for the next upcoming weeks because the whole population of reeds in Rawa Kadut is quite extensive.

One of permanent tree in Rawa Kadut Restration Area

April 1-8, 2016: Keep them healthy

As per usual, we started the week by doing plants maintenance in restoration area. Excavation and cleaning were done around trees to avoid the plants from undesired pests. So far, we have planted at least 250 permanent trees. In the upcoming weeks, we are planning to focus more on permanent trees.

Auriga's team took a rest while doing plants maintenance in Way Kambas's Rawa Kadut Restoration Area

Auriga’s team took a rest while doing plants maintenance in Way Kambas’s Rawa Kadut Restoration Area

Auriga's restoration area

Auriga’s restoration area